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Web-based TMS

Web-based TMS is one of the most usefull tools for payment networks. Designed and developed by Infotech international, it completely supports the Ingenico TMS and it is called Ingestate. Addtionally can support a wide range of devices using a standard protocol (POS, PC, etc).

The client- server based design with its  powerful user interface assures the quality of service. All of the services provided by Ingestate is supported by WebIngestate and for some of the highlevel features easy user interface helps with adaptibility.

Key Features:

  • Multi language support
  • Real time monitoring on TMS server
  • Providing lots of reports and custom reports
  • Scheduling for report generation and sending reports via SMS and Email
  • Modular user access level management
  • Tree view of terminals
  • User friendly Parameter download interface


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