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TransportTap is a total solution for transport systems. In transport the speed of payment is very important, also removing cash from payment will speed up the payment process. With TransporTap, both costumers and both transport system owners will be grateful.

TransporTap can be used for taxis, metros, buses, etc. and It is formed from multiple parts such as

  • Centralized server
  • Network
  • Payment switch
  • Payment terminal
  • Contactless card
  • Taxi meter

How it works:

Costumers can use contactless cards or NFC, both are supported. A Customer tap his/her card to the terminal which is a FAMOCO FM-100. and the card will be charged offline. The information will  then be sent to the centralized server. At the settlement periods, the total amount of payment will then be transferred to desired account.

With the taxi meter option, the included GPS module also receives information from the car’s ECU (If applicable). The amount which should be paid will then be calculated by a formula provided by server to terminals.

Central server can also manage the terminals, it can update  the software, change the tariffs, lock  the terminals and trace the operation of terminals and the terminal owner.


  • Support of all contactless card types and NFC
  • Can be used with already installed cards
  • Taxi meter option with GPS and Trip data
  • Full feature device management
  • Android terminals
  • User friendly interface
  • Offline and rapid payment
  • Multi language
  • Highly customizable
  • Optional Mag stripe and Smart card acceptance for payment
  • High secure solution with key management
  • SAM module usage optional
  • Web based admin panel
  • Automatic settlement


Tehran Office

Technical headquarter
43, Eslami St. and Jafari St. junction, Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran.
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