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Web-based terminal management system (Web Ingestate)

Considered as one of the most essential requirements of payment networks, Ingestate is a terminal management system, developed by the Ingenico Company, to provide clients with set of toolsto manage their own point of sales;even for the existing POS(s) in the payment network which they have been installed before deploying the system.

The web-based system – which the Infotech International has developed using the Ingestate – enjoys the client-server model to provide web-based tools for clients by building connections to main server’s database. In this way, it works independent from the main server.

As the clients can access to the system’s web-based interface using the Internet, they can generate the reports they need in fast and safe way. It also increases the support level.

Here are the main specifications of the system:

  • Multi-language support
  • Remote access to TMS server (using Internet)
  • Providing various reports about the TMS server
  • The ability to schedule report generating and sending the reports via Email or SMS
  • Advanced and modular access level management
  • Three-view for terminals
  • Capable of customizing the reports if needed
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Capable of connecting to other systems like payment switches for data synchronization
  • Enjoys parameter download interface to facilitate user interaction


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