Payment Network Operation Center

Payment network includes transaction routing network from acceptance devices to servers, including POS network, EPN, NCC, Switch, Telecom networks , PSTN, etc.

Payment network operation center which will be a service of network operation center, monitors the payment services 7×24.

Technicians in payment network operation center have lots of responsibilities such as:

  • Monitoring transactions from different interfaces coming to the servers
  • Monitoring the connections which gathers transactions to the servers
  • Monitoring EPN
  • Monitoring services such as Database, TMS, Switch, e-Voucher, Top-Up, etc.
  • Take proper action on each case
  • Reporting the quality of service


Tehran Office

Technical headquarter
43, Eslami St. and Jafari St. junction, Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Tel: +98 21 22784068