EPN (Electronic Payment Network)

Infotech International presents A new generation of Electronic Payment Network solution

Dubai, May 12th 2014 – Infotech International has unveiled a new total solution for building high secure electronic payment network also known as EPN. This presentation took place in Ingenico’s partner meeting in Dubai and subsequently introduced to the public in Card and Payment ME on May 13th and 14th.

EPN combines access-grade IP, SSL and dialup

interfaces in one single, compact multi-service        

NCC transaction routers along with industry

standard security, and advanced network

monitoring platform.

As a result, payment service providers can

continue supporting traditional dial-up POS

terminals while leveraging next generation data

communication and provide faster, more secure

and high-available services too.

With available variety of uplink and downlink interfaces, payment network topology can be designed flexibly emphasizing on security and high availability criteria. At access interfaces a built-in firewall can cope with payment network attacks. Interconnections of NCC transaction routers are all unbreakable with VPN tunnels, and links to banking switches can also grant security with SSL authentication, and transport encryption.


Designed to operate in A range of temperatures with A High Power Redundancy and reliable cooling system, NCC transaction routers can credibly continue working in extreme conditions as well.

Last but not least, EPN monitoring platform empowers the administration of payment networks with its cutting-edge Adro network management system. With its state-of-art network monitoring system, service providers can make sure of cost-efficient payment network maintenance through Adro.




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