Transaction routing from merchants to banking switches in Electronic Payment Network with NCC

Triple Access, the combination of Ethernet, SSL/TLS, and traditional PSTN/ISDN dialups will become increasingly important in the future. The convergence of flexibility and availability of dialups allow payment service providing diversity to top into new markets and generate new revenue.

NCC interfaces are not only providing for payment service providers, but they also facilitate migration from traditional PSTN/ISDN to IP terminals. Therefore, the EPN solution combines Triple Access interfaces in one compact and high secure platform, ideal for mid to enterprise payment service providers. The Triple Access architecture has been designed based on top quality, flexibility, and ease of deployment in access layers of payment networks. 


  • ISDN/PSTN interface for traditional dialup terminals
  • Ethernet/IP interface for LAN terminals
  • SSL/TLS interface for Wi-Fi or GPRS terminals
  • Built-in Load-balancing for SSL/TLS terminals in a single cloud
  • Up to 250 transaction per second access-grade quality on each interface
  • Up to 10/100 Mbps for uplink traffics (transfer to core layer)
  • IP/Ethernet trunk links to banking switches
  • ISO 8583 integrity
  • PCI-DSS compliancy



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