Transaction routing from merchants to banking switches in Electronic Payment Network with NCC.Triple Access, the combination of Ethernet, SSL/TLS, and traditional PSTN/ISDN dialups will become increasingly important in the future. The convergence of flexibility and availability of dialups allow payment service providing diversity to top into new markets and generate new revenue […]



When it comes to payment transactions, security is one of the most important issues. Banks and financial institutions may suffer considerable financial losses in cases of fraud. Reliable and flexible protection solutions are required which integrate into payment systems. Bull has designed a range of Hardware Security Modules called CRYPT2PayTM […]


Park Meter

Access Control

Automobile Fuel Management

Infotech AFM provides fuel consumption management for automobiles and vehicles. With AFM monitoring the transport vehicles is easy and accessible. AFM gathers data about driving behavior and send it to the central system.These data includes the mileage,  […]

Multi Pump Multi POS

SD Wi-Fi

Remote Touch Screen Controller




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