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Fraud Management

In payment networks, fraud management is very important. This system should be able to reduce the risk of fraud in the whole payment network. If a system does not provide proper fraud management, the financial losses can be devastating.Infotech Fraud Management System provides 2 level of fraud management for the payment networks

  • Fraud detection
  • Fraud prevention

The principal functionality of a fraud management system is based on the behavior of actors of the system. Fraud detection system gathers the information according to the policies of suspicious behaviors. According to detected possible frauds, system generate reports about these suspicious behaviors.

After detections of possible frauds, reports will be managed manually for finding new policies for possible frauds.

On the fraud prevention method, when a system detects a fraud, it will block the operation with proper action defined in the policies. Using a fraud prevention system requires closer relationship between different parts of system.


  • Fraud detection and prevention features
  • Customized policies support
  • Customized action support
  • Multiple platform support for third parties
  • Automatic report generation
  • Smart mode which analyses and generates new policies


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