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Electronic Cash Register

Today using Electronic Cash Registers (ECRS) are common.Using ECRS make businesses run easier and move efficiently.There are different models of ECRs with different operations from many companies. The main funcitionality of ECRsiscalculating the price of a sale and help the cashier to workfaster and more efficiently.

Infotech International’s ECR is not only a cash register, it provides a variety of services for small and large business. With designated hardware and payment oriented design, Infotech ECR satisfies all parts of a business ,including warehouse management, payment management, invoice management, order management, etc.

The hardware of Infotech ECR includes a range of propriety devices and deciding which ones to select depends on the requirements of customers. Hardware specification of Infotech ECR are listed below:

  • Touchscreen monitor (optional)
  • Customer monitor (optional) VDF or LCD
  • 58 mm thermal printer
  • Barcodereader
  • Cash register
  • Payment POS
  • Intel architecture
  • Min 2GB RAM
  • CPU dual Core
  • Ethernet, USB, Serial, LPT, PS/2, Audio ports

Even through the hardware of a ECR is very important, the software is essential to the business model. Infotech’s ECR software provides various services to run a business. The new market trend is to provide value added servise (VAS) via pc-pos devices. We have done this by integrating the ECR with the payment terminal in order to sell services such as prepaid airtime and any other service that ca be defined on the PC. Some of the other important services provided by the software are:

  • Goods information management
  • Providers and wholesellers management
  • Ware house management
  • Customer management
  • Price calculationincluding taxes, percents, and benefits
  • Sale and invoice management
  • Payment management
  • Reports (sale, goodsavailability, price etc.)


According to it’s power full features, Infotech ECR can be used in any kind of business from small ones to large ones a small list of examples is shown below:

  • Coffee shops
  • Bars
  • Buffets
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Self service restaurants
  • Super markets
  • Hyper markets
  • Car wash


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