Data Center

Today without a standard and well-managed Data Center, it’s not possible to run a business. Especially on payment solutions, service downtime costs more for business. Implementing an efficient DC requires building construction, electrical engineering, cooling and HVAC engineering, fire protection, security, passive device installation and also IT engineers to design and implement the active part of DC work together to run a DC.

Infotech International with more than 10 years of experience in payment market, provides a complete team for running DCs for costumers. Infotech can provide following services to customers

  • DC construction design and implementation including floor, ceiling, cooling, electrical wiring, UPS, Generators, Cabling, Fire detection and extinction, access control, security and etc.
  • Installation, configuration and customization of enterprise network devices such as Firewalls, Routers, Tape Backups, SANs, switches, Web Application Firewalls, Data Base Firewalls, Servers and etc.
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing
  • TIA-942 compliancy

Of course a DC requires management to provide non-stop services. Infotech provides its customers an Network Operation Center which technicians control everything in the DC 7×24. This NOC can provide following services

  •  Monitoring
      • Connections, services, temperature, humidity, power, cooling and all the systems in the DC
  • Take action
      • On any type of failure the NOC follow its procedures for the failure and takes any action required
  • Reporting
      • Every day, the NOC technician provide a variety of reports to proper managers consideration and analysis.


Tehran Office

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