Card Personalization Process

Bank cards are used for identification of the holder in the banking system. The most common cards based on usage are as follows:

  • Magnetic stripe cards
  • Smart cards
  • Contactless cards
  • Hybrid cards

 These cards have to be personalized after personalized means writing personal data on the magnet stripe and then loading smart card applets on to the cards. Embossing personal data on the card body is also done in this process.

We at Infotech, have all equipment and related solutions to produce and personalized PVC cards.

Card personalization, consists of following steps:

  1. Body personalization
    1. Thermal printing of a color picture of the cardholder or laser printing which is black and white
    2. Security imprints on card
  2. Chip personalization
    1. Applet downloading on chip
    2. Chip personalization with card holder data
    3. Digital Signature or CA
  3. Magnetic Stripe personalization
    1. Embossing
    2. Tipping


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